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12-27-17 -- All the latest



Yeah....Music is powerful stuff




Berkeley Audio Design - Alpha DAC RS2 MQA


We will be receiving the Berkeley Audio Design Alpha DAC RS2 MQA very soon. We understand we will be one of only two dealers in North America to have it. Demand is high worldwide and Berkeley will not be rushed. The build takes an extremely long time and testing start to finish is over a month long. That is what is required if you want to make, what is widely considered, the best DAC on the planet. 

We are super psyched about it and can't wait to enjoy our favorite music through this unit. 

Both Chris Connaker (computer audiophile) and Robert Harley (TAS) have stated categorically it is the finest they have ever heard. We consider both of them with worlds leading experts on the subject. 

Berkeley Alpha Reference 2 MQA 

Product Details



Welcome Winter

 Analog Shop - Helping Audiophiles choose the right path to audio nirvana for decades.


We are super excited to have on display the Amati Tradition.

Along with the slightly smaller Serafino Tradition. 

These beautiful speakers are flat out SUPERB  when driven by proper electronics [you can bet we have those too]

The Olympica series is also once again on hand.

We can show you the Olympica III and the Olympica I as well.

Olympica III

  1.                                                          overwhelmingly impressive.

Please do pay a visit with a piece of music to hear in mind. 





We are very excited to share with our customers we are now displaying McIntosh products in our shop. Please plan to stop by and experience these legendary audio masterpieces. 












Mark Levinson - No. 515 

on display now!



------WELCOME FALL------


 Analog Shop - Helping Audiophiles choose the right path to audio nirvana for decades.

Hello music loving customers both old and new! 

We've done a bunch of updates to our site - just a refresh and it continues. There is some VERY nice used/demo gear listed and man oh man it's all in excellent shape. 

Check out the Dynaudio speakers page where we feature the new Special 40. We have them on hand. Also the Luxman pages feature the latest models of which also have set up in our shop. We are very happy to announce we have the latest ARC REFERENCE 6 Linestage and REFERENCE PHONO 3 on display now. 


We have added some exciting and very cool new products. The Product pages on this site are going through a complete rebuild. This will then reflect the latest models offered by all manufactures. It's kinda fun, but very labor intensive.....stay's some choice news.....







Simply superb Digital from Italy.

--A new Aqua product page is now live in Products/Digital section--

Check it out!



Innuos - Zenith SE

Award winning innovative music servers available now at

Tidal integrated seamlessly

A page is now set up for innuos  in the Products/Digital section - have a look!


With the Addition of the Innuos Servers we now offer a perfect solution for audiophiles who wish to use Roon as their music library software. 


More soon......including our Welcome Fall pic




Welcome Summer!



 Analog Shop - Helping Audiophiles choose the right path to audio nirvana for decades.






 AYRE - R series

The incredible AYRE TWENTY products are on display at our shop. Solid billet construction coupled with the best circuits and components. As a long time AYRE dealer we have sold many of these units....we don't always have them on hand to hear and see. 

Well if you've ever dreamed of the best audio money can buy this is it!

KX-R TWENTY and MX-R TWENTY - Simply superb!






We are very excited to receive our new Audio Research REF-250SE monoblock amps. We have them paired with the incredible REF 6 preamp. Give us a call or an email to hear these glorious sounding units. 


Welcome Spring!


 Analog Shop - Helping Audiophiles choose the right path to audio nirvana for decades.


We will be adding a couple of customer reviews over the next few days. Look for a couple of new USED/DEMO listings. Check back to hear about a new speaker line we will offering as well as a superb custom made line of speaker stands from Germany.


 Bricasti - M12

Bricasti flagship Streaming DAC/Analog preamp. This is really a phenomenal product and really quite unique in the world of top performance preamps. We have had a unit in for complete testing and it sold immediately.

Please contact us to discuss this rather amazing unit. Bricasti has just announced another exciting upgrade to the M1 DAC that is retrofittable to existing units. 

Bricasti - when only the best will do!




 Mark Levinson - No 515

The all new Mark Levinson Turntable was shown at 2017 CES show. We will have it to show off as soon as it is cool. 



January 05, 2017 


Welcome Winter....


Analog Shop - Helping Audiophiles choose the right path to audio nirvana for decades.


-It's time to fire up the audio system and enjoy some beautiful music- 


We have some very, very cool new gear without delay....





 Dynaudio - Contour 20 


Dynaudio - Contour 30

 Dynaudio "NEW" Contour Series 

The long awaited Dynaudio Contour series is now arriving at our store. We have the Contour 20 on display now and the 30 and 60 floor standers will follow. There are several finish choices [We have gloss black, walnut and rosewood gloss premium finishes]. Dynaudio has done a beautiful job and these are the highest value, best built models ever!

Just simply spectacular

There is a lot to learn about the technology behind these new masterpieces click below...

New Contour




 Marantz - SA10S1

These new Marantz Reference SACD/CD player/dac are the latest flagship units and the finest ever produced by Marantz. No stone has been left un-turned to create these new masterpieces. The player is available now and on display. The matching Integrated amp PA10S1 is coming in February.

Here is a new video narrated by Ken Ishiwata


Just beautiful in every way 


Welcome Fall.... 


Fall Bounty

This is a special time of year. We put away our summer toys and begin the long, wonderful Fall/Winter season in our area. The Analog Shop strongly recommends these two wonderful delights to get you in the spirit to enjoy your favorite music.  

Simply marvelous....enjoy and all the best!


Analog Shop - Helping Audiophiles choose the right path to audio nirvana for decades.


Here we present some of the cool products we are offering here at Analog Shop world headquarters.




Audio Research VT-80

Just now available is this absolutely beautiful new amp. The VT-80 matches the latest preamp designs by Audio Research... the world leading High Definition audio manufacturer.

This thing is HOT!





Come see and hear the brand new Ayre flagship digital hub. It's finally here and we are very pleased with it.





Audio Research - REF 6

The best preamp Audio Research has ever made... period. This model is just simply incredible. The chassis has had a complete redesign and it's brilliant. Call or email us to arrange an audition and learn about trading up to this killer unit. 




 Audio Research - LS 28

Brand new beautiful Audio Research LS-28 preamp. This new series is really special with a redesign and all new chassis. Simple spectacular, rich sound and real pride in ownership. There will be a new matching DAC soon and a new amp to go with them. 




Mark Levinson - No. 526


The brand new Mark Levinson No. 526 preamp is a tour de force. This new preamp has a very well thought out feature set and is sure to really amaze you. We have it on display along with the new [soon to arrive] No. 534 Stereo amplifier. If you have older Levinson gear we do take trades toward the latest items. 



Mark Levinson - no. 534

The new 534 stereo amp will arrive along with the No. 526 preamp - Awesome sound quality and superb build as well as value. American made Hi-Fi rocks it out at Analogshop. 




Rega - Planar 3

All new model just released! The Planar 3 2016 edition is a tour de force with outstanding specs and design. The table is only $945.00 and is available in gloss white (shown) or gloss black. You can add the Rega Elys 2 phono cartridge (normally $295.00) for only $200 to the package.

$945.00 table / $1145.00 with mounted Elys 2 cartridge 




Aurender Music Servers

These wonderful products are now available at





Linn - Krystal 

All new Linn MC phono cartridge is now available. Very exciting news for many LP lovers who have lusted after the Kandid phono cartridge. This new model offers the unique 3 point mount for Linn arms. 



Luxman D-05u - SACD/CD/DAC

Brand new model with breathtaking build and sound quality. The Luxman brand is among the very best built and well thought out audio products in existence. The brand new D-05u model adds the latest DAC technology.  Included is a state of the art USB input. Luxman makes the transport and it is a very smooth operating masterpiece of technology. On display....we also sell the even more advanced D-06u and flagship D-08u.

Only $4,999.00




Lyra - Delos

In Stock! 

Linn LP12 with Ekos SE


on display now




Ayre - Codex 

This is the very latest product from the design minds at Ayre Acoustics. The Codex combines several functions all in a really nice, small package. First and foremost it is an excellent DAC. The folks at Ayre feel this is the best sounding DAC they currently offer. The Codex offers so much more... 

Ayre Codex can act as a preamp and drive a power amp of any kind. This could be the basis of a fantastic, small form factor system. Add to this the superb headphone drive ability and you will find an unbeatable product. 

Ayre Codex specs

On display now!

Only $1,795.00


 Ayre KX-5 & VX-5 preamp and amplifier

 The latest designs in the incredible sounding Series 5 - Twenty edition are available now to see and hear at The Analog Shop. The latest TWENTY upgrades have catapulted these electronics into the stratosphere of sound quality. It is hard to overstate the importance of a great, ultra transparent preamplifier in an audio system. What a joy to listen to well known recordings and hear into them so deeply. 

Ayre - KX-5 TWENTY balanced volume control

Simply Amazing!


on display now





Audioquest - Jitterbug

This little USB enhancer is just superb. Our listening indicates no other upgrade will improve the sound of audio files for so little money.



Audioquest - Nighthawk

Finally we will receive the long awaited new headphones from Audioquest. It is our opinion that there has never been a headphone of this quality available at such a reasonable price. Just an awesome achievement. They are in stock this week. 





Acoustic Signature - WOW XL

This table offers incredible sound and value. Very heavy construction with silky black background and deep solid bass. Just remarkable....we can help you choose an arm and cartridge to best meet your budget.

contact us to learn more....

here's a link to a great review...WOW XL

Only $2,295.00







Symposium - Ultra Platform

We offer the full range of Symposium products. Once you have your gear all picked out these products will assure you get all the performance you paid for. The effect is really amazing and can't be ignored. We absolutely love this product! 



You will be amazed what you have been missing. Resonance control and proper signal and power delivery will transport you to the live event. Please contact us to discuss your system. We can show you how products such as Symposium, HRS, Finite Elemente, Oyaide and Nordost will get you into your music like never before





Mark Levinson - No. 585 Integrated amp/DAC

Just arrived - the beautiful new Mark Levinson 585 integrated amplifier. This unit features a full function preamp section with analog RCA and XLR type inputs. It has a brand new  superb quality DAC with 6 inputs [AES/EBU, 2 coaxial S/PDIF RCA type, optical, USB]. The DAC USB input quickly sees your computer and offers high resolution audio playback. 

Hi-Fi News loves the latest Levinson and you will too

The long wait for this quite exceptional new Mark Levinson has been worth it!

The product has full images and information at the Mark Levinson site ML-585


-------- 02-05-15 -------



REVEL - F206

This is one absolutely killer all round loudspeaker. Very full range with a stunning transparent,  open and natural sound. It is the best floorstander ever in its price point in our opinion. We have the Revel performa three available and on display in many models. All three finishes shown here can be seen at our store now.

Review --  REVEL F-206 

Many more extremely positive reviews are out on this series of speakers...





Harbeth - Super HL5 Plus 

This model - the latest in a string of fantastic speakers made by Harbeth is really special. Please contact us to make an appointment to check out these most beautiful speakers. There are raves galore about it and more coming....

here is one you can check out - Harbeth Super HL5 Plus



 Aria - Music Server

Hello music lovers....please check out the fabulous Aria music server. Several reviews have been published and all are raves. A piece of art to view, use and listen to. Available now!

Audiostream review - Aria Music Server




REL - S2

Amazing performance - Brilliant value

We will have the newest REL S series subwoofers on display now. We offer the

complete series of REL Sub Bass products.  


more very soon................







Hegel HD12 DSD DAC/Preamp

Brand new cutting edge design from the brilliant design team at Hegel. Quite simply a significant upgrade and a remarkable D/A-Converter. 

Please visit the Hegel Site for all the details of this exciting new DAC. We have it on display now.

Hegel HD12



 Raidho Acoustics - D1 

We have been appointed exclusive dealership for Raidho Acoustics speakers in our area. We have the D1 and D2 models on the way. Very excited to display these world class loudspeakers. There are nothing but rave reviews on these bleeding edge products. 

Raidho website



Auralic Vega DSD/DXD dac/preamp

Simply an amazing product. We have it set up driving a Parasound A-23 power amp directly via Nordost Tyr 2 XLR cables. A great CD transport and Macbook Air [mavericks/audirvana plus] complete the system. This is an incredible system with sound quality previously unavailable at anywhere near this price. 

see another great review here Auralic Vega

-- better yet come see us and hear for yourself --





Audio Research - SP-20

Make an appointment to see and hear the latest Audio Research preamp with phono built in. Audio Research have just launched a brand new website that is very nice too. 

See the Stereophile rave review here Audio Research SP-20




REVEL M105 white finish

The latest Revel Performa 3 M105 is available in the very fresh, cool white finish. If you are driving by our store in the next week check them out. We will have them set up in our front window with a new Pro-ject Debut Carbon in matching white/black finish. 




We have an Analog Shop System featured in issue 72 April/May 2014  One of our customers is an excellent writer and his latest article is featured here. Please check it out.

Downsizing While Upscaling




Nordost Heimdall 2 USB

Brand new top range USB cable.

Constructed with 4x20 AWG stranded, silver-plated 99.99999% OFC conductors, arranged in a precise, twisted double helix, the Heimdall 2 USB 2.0 ensures character impedance, reduces noise and minimizes cross-talk contamination. This cable also employs Nordost's proprietary FEP Dual Mono-Filament with a dual layer silver foil jacket and silver braided shield. 

We are very excited to offer the latest from the folks at Nordost.

available NOW!




Hello music lovers - Please check out our used/demo page. We have just posted some absolutely wonderful high end audio equipment. Like always it is in pristine condition and ready to make beautiful music in your home. All backed with our 22 + years of taking care of our customers. 




In a world filled with overpriced merchandise and slick marketing it is refreshing to offer products to our customers that reflect good old fashioned value and performance. One from the North American company Rogue Audio and the other from Hegel of Norway. Please contact us about these exciting products.

To upgrade to better sound is always a SOUND investment. 

Rogue Audio Sphinx

This cool integrated amp is an outrageous value at only  $1,295.00

The New higher performance Pharaoh is now available too...


Please visit the Rogue Audio website for all the details




 Hegel H-80

Mind blowing quality and value all in a small, smart package....Only $1,999.00





Happy New Year

Best wishes to you and yours. Thank you to all our wonderful music loving customers. It is a true pleasure for Victoria and me to assist you in assembling a fantastic audio system.

We look forward to a bright new year! 



We are proud to announce we are now an authorized Audio Research dealer. We have some product on hand and look forward to showing it to our valued customers. 


 Audio Research REF-75 power amplifier

"Decades from now, audiophiles will remember this power amp"

The Reference 75 touched me on a deeply personal level. I enjoyed listening to music so much through it that every time I entered the listening room and saw its silvery hulk beckoning to me, I turned it on and played some music. More than with any other component I've reviewed, when the REF 75 was in my system, I went out of my way to make sure, every chance I could, that music was playing. 

Stereophile, Robert J. Reina, posted May 7th, 2013

Stereophile review 



We will have the Stereophile product of the year ARC REF 75 power amp, the brand new ARC SP-20 preamp and the ARC LS17SE preamp on display now. 


Here is a link to a great Hi-Fi+ review of the REF-75




We at Analog Shop sure hope everyone had a nice, restful Thanksgiving this year.

We just added a couple of great customer reviews to our Customer Reviews page. The Used/Demo section has just been updated and has some great items. Check it out.  



World's Best USB cables available here!



We now have both the Wireworld Platinum Starlight USB and the Audioquest Diamond USB cables on hand for you to compare and see which you like best. Both are awesome and will bring out the very best in your USB DAC.

Fun times with great sounding music is our goal.


We are getting a few hours on our new Sonus Faber --Olympica III speakers.

They are truly fantastic sounding models that reveal tons of information. They go deeper than the Cremona M, have tighter more articulate bass and are more transparent too. If you look in the center of the picture you can see the brand new Luxman - L-507UX integrated amp driving the speakers. 



Luxman have really hit a home run with the new X series integrated amps. Simply superb in every way. 

The Magnificent L-507UX from Luxman Japan


Please have a look at our USED/DEMO page. We keep it up to date and there are some wonderful items being offered everyday. 



Happy Fall season all you music lovers out there! This is truly a wonderful time to live in Upstate New York! 

We are excited to share some news about great new audio products. We have the Rega RP-40, 40th anniversary edition turntable available and on display.




This is a seriously nice design and really impressive.  Give us a call to set up a time to come see/hear it. 

The Sonus Faber Olympica I with matching stands will be in shortly. These promise to bring a new level of performance, build quality and lastly sound quality to this price point.


Simply stunning to see, feel and listen to.





Ultra high end XLR connectors that are manufactured by Oyaide. Most other manufacturers just buy off the shelf.....Not here! 


Those of you who may not be familiar with OYAIDE of Japan....check them out. We offer the full line of power products and cables....Love it. 



We have the brand new and amazing Auralic Vega DSD dac/preamp available to see/hear/experience. You must hear native DSD or hell...even 44.1 PCM on this thing. We are driving the Mark Levinson 532H amp directly into the REVEL Performa 3 F-208 - hot damn. It is amazing and many a reviewer is using it as a reference now. Only $3,495.00


See customer review page for a great amount of reasons you need these. We have every single model in the fantastic new REVEL Performa 3 series on hand. This includes both of the very new subwoofers. 

Absolute sound magazine has VERY positively reviewed the REVEL F-206 and M-106 models and, in fact, awarded them the prestigious Golden Ear award for 2013. These speakers are just flat out fantastic. 


08-07-13's been a very nice August here in upstate New York. We are currently planning our new items we will add to our line up this Fall. We just updated our Used/Demo page and have some real nice new items available there.

Bill Peugh of Sumiko Audio came by to pay us a visit last week. He had with him the brand new Wadia Intuition DAC/Preamp/Amp. What a wonderful all in one solution for the discerning music lover.

While Bill was here he gave us thorough training on the Sonus Faber Venere and the new Olympica Series. Both these speaker lines are simply beautiful and really exciting. We will have both available for demo.  






With DSD continuing it's rise in awareness and music available, more and more companies are adding this capability to their products. We carry several that have DSD decoding on board. The TEAC UD-H501 is one great headphone amp/DAC at only $849.00. The Bricasti M1 is the best DAC in the world and now is shipping with DSD decoding built in. Brian Zolner and his team have continued to improve the feature set WITHOUT raising the price - Bravo!


Philip O'Hanlon of On A Higher Note paid us a visit and brought along the superb Luxman D-06 DAC. Philip is a really fun guy to visit with. He has great taste in music and his collection of demo tracks prove this. The Luxman impressed all on hand with its natural musical sound quality. Build is as good as it gets [it is a Luxman].


Amazing - Beautiful - Incredible Luxman D-06 



 06-04-13 -- Sonus Faber latest Venere

The latest speaker line from the fine craftsmen at Sonus Faber - The Venere line up has arrived.

We currently have the beautiful Walnut finish Venere 2.5 on display with the top of the line Venere 3.0 to follow soon. You simply must see it to believe how nicely finished these speakers are. They are amazing sounding too!


04-17-13 -- Taxes behind us and......

With Spring in the air, a great audio show in NYC behind us, and so many cool things happening here, we ask........what sparks your interest?



Hello all, we have two brand new products on hand for your listening pleasure. First up is the beautiful Zesto Audio Andros PS1 phono stage. This item has received nothing but rave reviews. It is featured in the brand new March 2013 issue of Stereophile and reviewed by Michael Fremer "I highly recommend the Zesto Andros PS1. It's among the more enjoyable and satisfying phono preamps I've auditioned at any price" High praise indeed and we are in total agreement.


Zesto Audio Andros PS1 tube phono stage $4,300.00

Please visit the excellent Zesto Audio Site for full info - Zesto Audio


In the just out March 2013 issue of Stereophile magazine the new Peachtree decco 65 is featured on the cover. Art Dudley reviews the new Peachtree decco 65 and is very impressed! If this new jewel can impress him [that is really saying something]. We have it in stock now.

Brand New Peachtree decco 65 - $999.00 or $1,099.00 depending on finish

choose from Cherry [shown], Gloss black and Rosewood



Hello all, We have expanded our turntable and cartridge offerings. We now carry the Denon turntable and cartridge line. The cool DP-300F is in stock now (only $329.00). We also have the Pro-ject Expression III (only $699.00 w/cartridge) on hand to see and hear. We will update our turntable page to reflect this...Plus the latest Ron Sutherland gem is here.

The new Insight phono stage is very cool and will make alot of folks happy (only $1,400.00) - probably the finest phono stage ever in it's price range. It is featured on the analog page under products.



01-03-13 Happy New Year!


Audioquest Dragonfly wins

Product of the year award...It is IN STOCK

CA 2012 award



OK, we survived the "Holidays" so far....excited to finish out 2012 with a BANG!


We just received Revel's latest speakers, the Performa3 models. We will have every single model in the this remarkable, long-awaited speaker lineup available to see/hear.

The two subwoofers are now scheduled to arrive in February.

Over 3 years in development...they promise to offer an outstanding advance in performance using technology from the Ultima series.

Here is a couple of pics of the M 106 and the M 105 [105 in walnut] will add more soon. These images do not do the impressive finish justice. Sound wonderful right out of the box.

105 walnut - must be seen to believed

106 black on top of Harbeth Compact 7ES





Audirvana Plus version 1.4 is officially released. This is seriously impressive software. As most of you know, I have been recommending Audirvana + as an easy to use, audiophile quality software for a couple of years now. I have been following their blog and using the beta test upgrade versions for last 4-5 months. They kept getting better with each one. Well, the official upgrade is now offered and has proven bug free and fantastic sounding. I know of no better mac based playback software. Playing Keb Mo SACD iso right now and it is amazing!

Don't wait.....get it now!



Audioquest - Dragonfly USB DAC Game changer! Only $249.00 and amazing....Why wait any longer to get into the incredible world of "way beyond compact disc" sound quality. We can help you understand how to do it with your existing computer equipment.



Great new stuff here!


Luxman M-800A power amp....just wonderful, pure class A. See rave reviews on this beautiful unit.

Here is a link to a very, very good review -- M-800A



New Clearaudio Performance DC W/Virtuoso V2 Ebony MM cartridge ....more pics on turntables page....




We had a big DAC showdown in our shop recently. Here is a photo of all the dac's...the PS AUDIO PWD is not seen in the image. It was a lot of fun for sure and a nice computer audio system walked out that day. Featured that day were the Ayre QB-9, Berkeley Alpha II, Berkeley Alpha USB, Bricasti M1, PS AUDIO PWD and Wadia 121. Fun was had for all and a great deal of incredible sounding music was heard.



We are extremely pleased to be offering the legendary Luxman brand in our store. This company,

formed in 1925, has an enviable position worldwide for its quality of construction and beauty of sound.

We have the Luxman L-505u integrated amp set up now in our shop.

This is absolutely a wonderful piece of equipment that is truly full featured. It has a sophisicated phono input and

has a balanced XLR input with phase invert option. Please visit the Luxman site for full details.....

You can visit the very nice U.S. distributor website for more details on the Luxman line....



Our new Parasound JC3 phono stage has arrived. This is in addition to the Ayre P5xe and

the Aesthetix Rhea we have on display. All three are seriously good. The Parasound JC3 has

received rave reviews world wide and in high performance analog it is considered a bit of a bargain



As you can see it is very beautifully constructed. This unit was designed by John Curl. John is widely

thought of as one of the finest solid state designers in history. The unit is very dynamic, open and

extremely quiet!!!


We will have the newest Clearaudio table - the Performance DC will be on display as soon as

they arrive in the U.S. later this month.

The unit will be available in both silver and black plinth. It is priced between the Concept and the

Ovation tables at $2,995.00. This will be the hot table this year and the best

available in that price range.

Exciting times for the playback of your prized record collection!!!!


Hope everyone had a wonderful summer. As the nights begin to get cooler my mind

turns to our beloved hobby, music and gear to play it on!


We had the new Harbeth 30.1 speakers set up for inspection last Tuesday evening. We

were joined by Walter Swanbon who is the U.S. Distributor of Harbeth speakers. Several

Harbeth owners joined us for a demonstration of this new model's incredible sound. I feel

everyone was impressed by the latest [and many feel, greatest] achievement from Alan Shaw.


This new model has very tight detailed bass. It is very open sounding, yet retains all the

fabulous midrange Harbeth is justly praised for. We love it!


We just updated our used/demo page - check it out.








On display now with very the top of the line SME V tonearm. Fabulous build and sound quality.

We demo it with 3 different phono preamps and a TON of great records. Look for some great photos on

the Turntables page soon. In addition to the SME 10 we have lots of cool images of the SME 20/3 soon

to be posted on Turntables page too.

Well, well....we have just published our first ever guest music review on our Music section. Much thanks

to Paul Goodwin, a friend, customer and all round cool guy who has some excellent writing skills too!

I am putting several new used pieces up on our USED/DEMO page...check it out....



Just added a couple of brand new reviews in our Customer Reviews page. These

are from two sales last week.....check it out!





Well, well...has it really been 2 months since I did any updates to news....yes!

I really love this time of year. It is the rebirth of greenery and a wonderful time to listen to music.

The furnace isn't coming on every 20 minutes and we don't need A/C either. Very quiet, peaceful

around chez Lietz.


I wanted to make everyone aware of the latest update to the Bricasti M1 Dac. In addition to a

state of the art USB input that is now available they have a brand new update too.


Now the Briscasti has no less than 14 different filter options...5 minimum phase and 9 linear ones.

And....even more incredible it now has level control built in. This is monumental as you now don't

need a preamp [this is what makes the Weiss and Berkeley so cool]. The fine folks at Bricasti are

to be applauded for their excellent updates to what was already a really revolutionary item.



The M1 DAC is seen sitting on the incredible HRS isolation platform. Mike Latvis makes the best isolation/damping

devices available...


Our Dynaudio Focus 380 speakers with Weiss/Bricasti/Berkeley front end and Levinson amplification is really starting to gel

as the speakers near their breakin point....


Check used/demo page...just updated and we have a lot of other cool stuff to post soon....time allowing.


More soon....






While it is true we have been selling Ron Sutherland's wonderful products for years, we really have not

been advertising it. I have always been impressed by the man and his products. We will be delivering

his latest flagship dual mono phono preamp to a very lucky guy next week. This two box, true mono

preamp is a full out assult on state of the art in phono preamps.




The really great news is Ron Sutherland makes a full line of phono stages that offer wonderful \

performance at many price points....


Here is a link to the Stereophile review .....


Here is a link to the show report about Sutherland, Merrill and Vandersteen room at CES. We visited

the room and it was definitely in the top three in sound quality...Period.






OK, after having seen and listening to this unit at CES this year we have decided it is VERY good and

extremely flexible. The reviews across the board have been fabulous. With a beautiful industrial design,

strong feature set and top notch preamp/headphone outputs......



The April Music Eximus DP-1 features 2 analog inputs as well as multiple digital ones. It's USB input is

fully capable of 24 bit 192 kHz operation. It's volume is controlled in the analog domain. It can drive

the really great headphones out there and you can tie in a phono stage or tuner, etc.


There a several reviews out is a link to a couple.



These are popular as all get out right now and they are backordered. We should have ours in a couple of weeks .






OK, just got our Bricasti M1 dac with USB in this week. In a nutshell it is incredible. That's the AQ Carbon USB cable.



We have tested it fully with both Mac OSX and Windows 7 computers. Using Audirvana Plus, Decible and J.River Media

17 we found zero bugs. It sounds absolutely amazing too. We think we are the first store in the world to have the

Bricasti M1 with the just available USB input. The optional USB input adds only $500.00


See John Atkinson's review in the current Stereophile magazine. It is a rave and he is one of the best reviewers of

state of the art digital in existence.


Here is an image of the Bricasti M1 with the brand new Berkeley Alpha Dac Series 2.



Bricasti top view



Construction is absolutely beautiful to touch, behold and use.


check it out.....




Scott Fisher and I attended the CES in Las Vegas this year...what a good show! Weather was unbelievable.


Daniel Weiss was there and had two fantastic things to tell us about. First off....the DAC-202 will now offer

USB input as an option. We feel the decline of inclusion of firewire on off the shelf computers put pressure

to offer this.


Secondly, the Weiss Music server is just about ready to go. It will be called the MAN-301 and I think it is

exceptional in every way. Interface will be via the ipad with its own app. We vastly prefer this chassis

size to the original MAN design.



New Weiss MAN-301 music server rear view....nice behind huh?





Mark Levinson celebrated their 40th anniversary with the showing of a new line up....the first product will be the new

reference 2 box preamp ML No. can see it to the left of the incredible ML No. 53 Mono amp.




Scott and I were invited to the private Levinson coctail party at the V-Bar in the Venetian Hotel. The California Guitar Trio performed...


Mark Levinson glasses and California Guitar Trio CD's as door prizes. Wonderful time hanging out with the key people in the Harmon High

Performance Group.


Slated for later this year will be a new DAC, SACD/CD player/Dac and a new Integrated amp too. Also Revel has a bunch of new models coming

this year. We plan on displaying all of the new Levinson gear as it becomes available.




Really cool newest look for the Levinson products for sure!


Here is a great pic of the new line up coming late this year...










Happy New Year people. I am very happy to report that 2011 was the best year ever in our 20 year history.


Thanks to all of you music loving people who helped make it so.............


We just today received our long awaited Berkeley Alpha Series 2 dac. We will be running it with the world's best

USB to AES/EBU-Spdif converter -- The Berkeley Alpha USB. Please make arrangements to hear this

fantastic combo...




Sweet for sure to read Robert Harley's rave review here....


Lastly, we are selling the incredible Bricasti M1 dac. Many people feel this is the best dac available. They are adding USB input

and we will be working with it via USB later this month.



More soon!





We are very pleased to announced that we are now carrying the wonderful Audiolab products. We will have the

8200CDQ and the 8200P amp on hand to show and play. Check out the feature set on this unit. It is really incredible.

The unit will do asynchronous USB, Co-ax and toslink for access to its 24/192 capable dac. It has 3 sets of analog inputs and

a preamp that controls volume with user selectable analog or digital domain. All this for only $1399.00. There is a simpler

version that excludes the preamp for $1099.00. These are not toys at all -- see how well made they are! Check out the







Brand New TAS issue arrived and quite a few items we sell have been awarded 2011 Golden-Ear awards.

These awards are given out each year by the reviewer staff as the best new products that stand out from the

competition. The products selected for a Golden Ear Award are special, indeed.


Esoteric K-03


Here is a list of them --


(1) Esoteric K-03 CD/SACD/DAC/Preamp


(2) REL T5 subwoofer


(3) Parasound Halo JC-3 Phono preamp


(4) Rogue Audio Cronus Magnum Integrated Amplifier


(5) Magnepan 1.7


(6) Magnepan 3.7


(8) Weiss DAC-202 firewire dac


(9) Marantz SA-8004



Plus a rave review of one of our very favorite Phono Stages The Sutherland 20/20


Not bad for the little ole Analog






Great news from Michael Ritter of Berkeley Audio -- The Alpha USB is almost ready for general release.

Seems the delay was caused by some very tight tolerance parts being made slightly wrong and having to be remade

to exact the very best performance. We applaud this approach and know it will be worth the wait.

We can't wait to get our hands on this item and be able to demonstrate the best to our customers!






Robert Harley wrote a really fantastic review of this item in The Absolute Sound --here is a link to this rave review in the 2011/

2012 guide to digital source components.....check it out!






Used/Demo page has just been updated. According to UPS tracking info our Wyred 4 Sound Dac 2's will arrive

this coming Monday. Can't wait to try the I2s digital link and USB input via hi res files.


Rega has the brand new Brio r that is taking the sub 1K integrated amp community by storm. At only $899.00

it is now the best available. This new model has garnished a lot of really positive press. It comes with remote,

has built in MM phono and is a really nice match with the Rega Dac and the Peachtree idac.


Also on the Rega front, the newest table the RP3 price has just been announced at $895.00 price increase!

This will replace the beloved Rega Planar 3. We have a mint Planar 3/24 floor model on closeout that has several excellent add-on

tweaks done to it. Please call for more info -- only one available.








We are proud to announce we are now selling and stocking the fabulous Wyred 4 Sound Products!


We will have the DAC 2 set up and playing late this week. Please contact us for more details...


We now offer the following superb dac's in many price ranges--


Peachtree dac it -- $449.00

Peachtree idac -- $999.00

Rega Dac -- $999.00

Wyred 4 Sound DAC 1 -- $999.00

Wyred 4 Sound DAC 2 -- $1,499.00

Ayre QB-9 -- $2,750.00

Berkeley Alpha -- $4,950.00

Weiss DAC 202 -- $7,700.00


This is so much fun and the sound is soooooooooooooooo good.


BTW several of us have tested JPlay and found it to sound superb. It is not exactly slick in its operation.

Think of it as a formula one race car....that kind of performance. It is free to try...






Hot enough for ya? I just ran across this VERY interesting player called Jplay that is designed to be used with Windows.

I plan to download it and try it this weekend in my system....sounds really cool and is the link--






We have to cancel this Saturday's computer get together. I have severely sprained my right ankle. I just cannot

get around at all right now. As soon as the ankle starts feeling better I will reschedule the meet.


Sorry for this as we have some great items and topics to cover....will update ASAP.






Our next computer audio get together is scheduled for Saturday July 16. We will start at 1:00 PM and run until ~ 3:30 PM.


We will have a couple of very nice setups - one is Decible software running on a Macbook Pro with high res. files on tap.

Secondly, we will have J.River Media player running on windows computer. Both the Ayre QB-9 and the Weiss Dac-202

will be on hand.


We can share our findings on the new Peachtree idac that is incredible for the $.


One topic we would like to talk about is remote control of the computer via smartphone, ipad or netbook. This is one of

the coolest parts and if you have any input it would be VERY welcome. Two or three guests attending are currently

operating there systems this way.


Refreshments will be served - Space is limited so please contact us [email is best] if you wish to attend.


Forbes magazine issue July 18 has a very interesting article about Vinyl records and a cool feature on some of the top

turntables available. In this issue Rochester, NY is also mentioned as one of the very best places to live in the USA.


Lastly, here is a cool link to a article where Henry Rollins explains his love of music via high end audio and his systems.


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