Monday, February 19, 2018
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McIntosh We are so pleased with this beautiful product. Built right in our neck of the woods. McIntosh spoken here........   Read the Full Story
Magnepan All Magnepan Models available Read the Full Story
Harbeth  Harbeth 30.1 amazing Read the Full Story
Mark Levinson  ML 526 Preamp/Phono/DAC Read the Full Story
Luxman Luxman D-06u Simply Marvelous Read the Full Story
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AYRE ACOUSTICS     Ayre KX-R TWENTY  Simply the best in the world Read the Full Story

Older (still cool) News

The newer News is now on the top banner....I could, with the click of a switch delete this...I can't there is too much cool stuff there....Plus it shows we are no spring chickens in this crazy audio world. 





Hope everyone had a wonderful summer. As the nights begin to get cooler my mind

turning to our beloved hobby, music and gear to play it on!


We had the new Harbeth 30.1 speakers set up for inspection last Tuesday evening. We

were joined by Walter Swanbon who is the U.S. Distributor of Harbeth speakers. Several

Harbeth owners joined us for a demonstration of this new models incredible sound. I feel

everyone was inpressed by the latest [and many feel, greatest] achievement from Alan Shaw.


This new model has very tight detailed bass. It has very open sounding, yet retains all the

fabulous midrange Harbeth is justly praised for. We love it!








We have a beautiful SME 10 turntable with the flagship SME V tonearm set up now.


SME build heirloom products that can be passed on to the next generation.






Well, well...has it really been 2 months since I did any updates to news....yes!

I really love this time of year. It is the rebirth of greenery and a wonderful time to listen to music.

The furnance isn't coming on every 20 minutes and we don't need A/C either. Very quiet, peaceful

around chez Lietz.


I wanted to make everyone aware of the latest update to the Bricasti M1 Dac. In addition to a

state of the art USB input that is now available they have a brand new update too.


Now the Briscasti has no less than 14 different filter options...5 minimum phase and 9 linear ones.

And....even more incredible it now has level control built in. This is monumental as you now don't

need a preamp [this is what makes the Weiss and Berkeley so cool]. The fine folks at Bricasti are

to be applauded for their excellent updates to what was already a really revolutionary item.



The M1 DAC is seen sitting on the incredible HRS isolation platform. Mike Latvis makes the best isolation/damping

devices available...


Our Dynaudio Focus 380 speakers with Weiss/Bricasti/Berkeley front end and Levinson amplification is really starting to gel

as the speakers near their breakin point....


Check used/demo page...just updated and we have a lot of other cool stuff to post soon....time allowing.


More soon....





While it is true we have been selling Ron Sutherland's wonderful products for years, we really have not

been advertising it. I have always been impressed by the man and his products. We will be delivering

his latest flagship dual mono phono preamp to a very lucky guy next week. This two box, true mono

preamp is a full out assult on state of the art in phono preamps.




The really great news is Ron Sutherland makes a full line of phono stages that offer wonderful \

performance at many price points....


Here is a link to the Stereophile review .....


Here is a link to the show report about Sutherland, Merrill and Vandersteen room at CES. We visited

the room and it was definitely in the top three in sound quality...Period.




OK, after having seen and listening to this unit at CES this year we have decided it is VERY good and

extremely flexible. The reviews across the board have been fabulous. With a beautiful industrial design,

strong feature set and top notch preamp/headphone outputs......



The April Music Eximus DP-1 features 2 analog inputs as well as multiple digital ones. It's USB input is

fully capable of 24 bit 192 kHz operation. It's volume is controlled in the analog domain. It can drive

the really great headphones out there and you can tie in a phono stage or tuner, etc.


There a several reviews out is a link to a couple.



These are popular as all get out right now and they are backordered. We should have ours in a couple of weeks .






OK, just got our Bricasti M1 dac with USB in this week. In a nutshell it is incredible. That's the AQ Carbon USB cable.



We have tested it fully with both Mac OSX and Windows 7 computers. Using Audirvana Plus, Decible and J.River Media

17 we found zero bugs. It sounds absolutely amazing too. We think we are the first store in the world to have the

Bricasti M1 with the just available USB input. The optional USB input adds only $500.00


See John Atkinson's review in the current Stereophile magazine. It is a rave and he is one of the best reviewers of

state of the art digital in existence.


Here is an image of the Bricasti M1 with the brand new Berkeley Alpha Dac Series 2.



Bricasti top view



Construction is absolutely beautiful to touch, behold and use.


check it out.....




Scott Fisher and I attended the CES in Las Vegas this year...what a good show! Weather was unbelievable.


Daniel Weiss was there and had two fantastic things to tell us about. First off....the DAC-202 will now offer

USB input as an option. We feel the decline of inclusion of firewire on off the shelf computers put pressure

to offer this.


Secondly, the Weiss Music server is just about ready to go. It will be called the MAN-301 and I think it is

exceptional in every way. Interface will be via the ipad with its own app. We vastly prefer this chassis

size to the original MAN design.



New Weiss MAN-301 music server rear view....nice behind huh?





Mark Levinson celebrated their 40th anniversary with the showing of a new line up....the first product will be the new

reference 2 box preamp ML No. can see it to the left of the incredible ML No. 53 Mono amp.




Scott and I were invited to the private Levinson coctail party at the V-Bar in the Venetian Hotel. The California Guitar Trio performed...


Mark Levinson glasses and California Guitar Trio CD's as door prizes. Wonderful time hanging out with the key people in the Harmon High

Performance Group.


Slated for later this year will be a new DAC, SACD/CD player/Dac and a new Integrated amp too. Also Revel has a bunch of new models coming

this year. We plan on displaying all of the new Levinson gear as it becomes available.




Really cool newest look for the Levinson products for sure!


Here is a great pic of the new line up coming late this year...





Lastly, for now....I have a fantastic record to share with you.


Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit "Here We Rest" It is on vinyl and CD





Jason was in Drive By Truckers previously. He has a great voice, is a master guitar player and crazy good lyricist. My very top, top

recommendation here.






Happy New Year people. I am very happy to report that 2011 was the best year ever in our 20 year history.


Thanks to all of you music loving people who helped make it so.............


We just today received our long awaited Berkeley Alpha Series 2 dac. We will be running it with the world's best

USB to AES/EBU-Spdif converter -- The Berkeley Alpha USB. Please make arrangements to hear this

fantastic combo...




Sweet for sure to read Robert Harley's rave review here....


Now for my two favorite albums this past year....





Blitzen Trapper - "American Goldwing"...available on CD and Vinyl This is the band's 6th release. Earlier this year the Portand, OR.

based band toured the East Coast...we were lucky enough to see them 2 times.. One of the shows was in Charlestown, WV

at Mountain Stage.....fantastic...





Ryan Adams' newest "Ashes and Fire"...Kind of picks up where the Whiskeytown-Strangers Almanac left off [which is a master-

piece in its own right] Just flat out fantastic and like American Goldwing the sound is very good...


Lastly, we are selling the incredible Bricasti M1 dac. Many people feel this is the best dac available. They are adding USB input

and we will be working with it via USB later this month.



More soon!





Brand new - long awaited Kate Bush "50 Words for Snow" is out now....It is an incredible record.

I suggest you hang up here and go purchase it now.

Also on vinyl, I have the CD ripped into AIFF files playing through a 2010 SL 10.6.8 Mac Mini >

Audirvana Plus > Berkeley Alpha USB > PS Audio PWD right now....WOW!


We plan to make a few changes to our site. We will separate music into it's own segment

and equipment into another. By my last few posts I think you can see where my mind is at!

Really great audio is only a means to an end - music that thrills you.





We now have the ripped files from the newish "Wish You Were Here" box set. Interesting to compare the

stereo 24/48 to the 24/96 from blu-ray and the best WYWH has ever sounded.

Wish they included the 2011 remaster version in hi-rez...maybe the sacd is...anyone know?






The newest Peter Gabriel album "New Blood" has just come out. It is available in several iterations. I have the Special Edition

2-disc set and more importantly the 48/24 flac file available exclusively on the B&W Society of Sound website.

I decided to go for the 1 year membership after taking them up on the free trial membership. The free trial only offers

downloads of one track on some of the selections [at 16 bit quality] The Gabriel album is not only higher res than the

CD release it also a different album called "Half Blood". I am playing it right now and feel I already got my $59.95 worth!


There is also a bunch of other great music on the site. The new Gabriel album is a part two of the "Scratch my Back"

record from a few years ago. Scratch My Back is also available here in 48/24 with membership. I also downloaded a

new Thomas Dolby album in 24bit. I have not gotten to play it yet. I am impressed so far. Check it out!




We are very pleased to announced that we are now carrying the wonderful Audiolab products. We will have the

8200CDQ and the 8200P amp on hand to show and play. Check out the feature set on this unit. It is really incredible.

The unit will do asynchronous USB, Co-ax and toslink for access to its 24/192 capable dac. It has 3 sets of analog inputs and

a preamp that controls volume with user selectable analog or digital domain. All this for only $1399.00. There is a simpler

version that excludes the preamp for $1099.00. These are not toys at all -- see how well made they are! Check out the






Finally received the long awaited Berkeley Alpha USB......WELL, WELL worth the wait. This is a game changer

We are getting amazing sound right now with this unit set up. So far I tested it with the Macbook Pro running

Audirvana in integer mode.....output is the Audioquest .75m Diamond USB cable - output is the Audioquest

Hawkeye BNC>RCA cable into the PS Audio PWD. Will be testing it with the Berkeley Alpha II Dac as soon as it

arrives. In the next couple of days we will have the Weiss DAC-202 here to alse see how the firewire input compares

with the Berkeley Alpha USB.


This Alpha USB will make a modern computer running lossless music files into the finest transport you ever heard...



We will be testing it using Window 7 next and report here. Some VERY big information will be forth coming regarding a

new dac we will be retailing and demoing soon.






The new Magnepan 3.7 speakers are breaking in nicely. We started to carry the Plinius Line of electronics again. They

have a brand new distributor and we have the new Hautonga integrated driving them....nice. We fond out a Plinius

SB-301 monster amp is on the way to us...can't wait to hoist upstairs and pair it with the Magnepan 3.7 Oh...the

source we will have it linked to will be the breathtaking Esoteric K-03 with discs and compter source.


I will have some pics of the setup here soon. Lastly, if you are a Radiohead fan I highly recommend the 24bit download

of the latest album "The King Of Limbs" it is special. Available at the 7digital website exclusively. We love it!






The New Pink Floyd Re-issue series has been released this week. The initial impression is very good. We picked up

Darkside Of The Moon, Wish You Were Here and Animals. I was particularily interested in Animals since it has never really

had a proper remaster. WOW, I love it! Above pic is the famous pig that was relauched this week in promotion for the

new series. Wish You Were Here Box set looks very interesting....being released in early is an SACD



Will have Magnepan 3.7 speakers set up this coming week...people keep buying them before we can unpack the things!




Brand New TAS issue arrived and quite a few items we sell have been awarded 2011 Golden-Ear awards.

These awards are given out each year by the reviewer staff as the best new products that stand out from the

competition. The products selected for a Golden Ear Award are special, indeed.


Esoteric K-03


Here is a list of them --


(1) Esoteric K-03 CD/SACD/DAC/Preamp


(2) REL T5 subwoofer


(3) Parasound Halo JC-3 Phono preamp


(4) Rogue Audio Cronus Magnum Integrated Amplifier


(5) Magnepan 1.7


(6) Magnepan 3.7


(8) Weiss DAC-202 firewire dac


(9) Marantz SA-8004



Plus a rave review of one of our very favorite Phono Stages The Sutherland 20/20


Not bad for the little ole Analog






Great news from Michael Ritter of Berkeley Audio -- The Alpha USB is almost ready for general release.

Seems the delay was caused by some very tight tolerance parts being made slightly wrong and having to be remade

to exact the very best performance. We applaud this approach and know it will be worth the wait.

We can't wait to get our hands on this item and be able to demonstrate the best to our customers!






Robert Harley wrote a really fantastic review of this item in The Absolute Sound --here is a link to this rave review in the 2011/

2012 guide to digital source components.....check it out!





Used/Demo page has just been updated. According to UPS tracking info our Wyred 4 Sound Dac 2's will arrive

this coming Monday. Can't wait to try the I2s digital link and USB input via hi res files.


Rega has the brand new Brio r that is taking the sub 1K integrated amp community by storm. At only $899.00

it is now the best available. This new model has garnished a lot of really positive press. It comes with remote,

has built in MM phono and is a really nice match with the Rega Dac and the Peachtree idac.


Also on the Rega front, the newest table the RP3 price has just been announced at $895.00 price increase!

This will replace the beloved Rega Planar 3. We have a mint Planar 3/24 floor model on closeout that has several excellent add-on

tweaks done to it. Please call for more info -- only one available.






We are proud to announce we are now selling and stocking the fabulous Wyred 4 Sound Products!


We will have the DAC 2 set up and playing late this week. Please contact us for more details...


We now offer the following superb dac's in many price ranges--


Peachtree dac it -- $449.00

Peachtree idac -- $999.00

Rega Dac -- $999.00

Wyred 4 Sound DAC 1 -- $999.00

Wyred 4 Sound DAC 2 -- $1,499.00

Ayre QB-9 -- $2,750.00

Berkeley Alpha -- $4,950.00

Weiss DAC 202 -- $7,700.00


This is so much fun and the sound is soooooooooooooooo good.


BTW several of us have tested JPlay and found it to sound superb. It is not exactly slick in its operation.

Think of it as a formula one race car....that kind of performance. It is free to try...





Hot enough for ya? I just ran across this VERY interesting player called Jplay that is designed to be used with Windows.

I plan to download it and try it this weekend in my system....sounds really cool and is the link--




We have to cancel this Saturday's computer get together. I have severely sprained my right ankle. I just cannot

get around at all right now. As soon as the ankle starts feeling better I will reschedule the meet.


Sorry for this as we have some great items and topics to cover....will update ASAP.





Our next computer audio get together is scheduled for Saturday July 16. We will start at 1:00 PM and run until ~ 3:30 PM.


We will have a couple of very nice setups - one is Decible software running on a Macbook Pro with high res. files on tap.

Secondly, we will have J.River Media player running on windows computer. Both the Ayre QB-9 and the Weiss Dac-202

will be on hand.


We can share our findings on the new Peachtree idac that is incredible for the $.


One topic we would like to talk about is remote control of the computer via smartphone, ipad or netbook. This is one of

the coolest parts and if you have any input it would be VERY welcome. Two or three guests attending are currently

operating there systems this way.


Refreshments will be served - Space is limited so please contact us [email is best] if you wish to attend.


Forbes magazine issue July 18 has a very interesting article about Vinyl records and a cool feature on some of the top

turntables available. In this issue Rochester, NY is also mentioned as one of the very best places to live in the USA.


Lastly, here is a cool link to a article where Henry Rollins explains his love of music via high end audio and his systems.






Wow, things getting more and more interesting out there - High Res wise, that is....




Pink Floyd announce major High Resolution re-issue program!!!


Here is major news for most rock fans -- Pink Floyd full re-issue program.


Let's hope for SACD and High res downloads too!!!! Sounds like it will include all these things.


Here is a link to the EMI story --







This is a picture of one of our happy customers "Al" upon delivery of his new Magnepan 3.7 speakers. Al became a customer many years ago when

he lived in this area. Victoria and I delivered these for him to his new home in Virginia. Fun trip, had some great southern food. Speakers sounded

fantastic right out of the box. Al says they have improved since.....






Several very nice used products just available...see our used/demo page.


We now have the latest Esoteric K-03 CD/SACD/Preamp/DAC on hand. Wonderful build and sound quality.


This uses the new improved "VRDS-Neo VMK-3.5-10" transport mechanism and 32 bit D/A converters


It has three 24/192 capability digital inputs including USB and sounds fantastic this way. We are using a macbook pro and the decible software

as a super high resolution player.


More info on this unit and pics to follow!


here is a link to a pdf folder on this exciting new unit --


Wanted to say a few words about our dear friends in Japan. From the first day we opened our store we have been
strong advocates of Japanese high end audio products. We love the culture, sound quality, build and overall feel of the
products. It has become a very big part of our business and we really hurt for our friends. I do not think I can convey
in words my feelings about what is happening there...We are really concerned and hopeful for all the beautiful people in Japan.


OK, as promised here is Tony Soprano's home taken with my Nikon Coolpix L1...really felt cool being there.

We want to make sure all our customers know we have NOT lost our mojo for all things analog -- at all. Sure Hi Rez is
really cool and is a large part of our business....we are not called "The Analog Shop" for nothing. When we opened up
lots of people laughed. It was a huge "anti" thing to even say analogue to marketing people. We let our ears guide us and
stuck to our gut feelings. Here are some really great pictures of a few tables just recently set up and delivered in our area.
We will be fleshing out our turntables page soon with a wide array of different tables at all price points.

Very proud of this image. This is the Clearaudio Performance SE with the brand new Dynavector DV-20X2 Cartridge.
The blue vinyl is Miles Davis -- "Kind Of Blue" from the recent 50th anniversary box set.

OK, come on....What CD Player can do this? The brand new DV-20X Mk II is really a fantastic cartridge. It is semi nude
just like the next model up in the line. I am VERY impressed with this KILLER cartridge from our friends at Dynavector.

This is really a special turntable. The Clearaudio Innovation Wood with the Graham Phantom II and the Benz Ruby Z.

Ground breaking sound will conjure up Nat King Cole, Frank, Dino or Steven Tyler in your living room.

Octave (from Germany) Stereo Power amp is on display. This is one FANTASTIC brand of true world class quality.


Treat yourself to this monster product! We have the RE 280 Mk II amp and V40 SE integrated on display.




In case you missed is an excellent article on NPR called "What Ever Happened To The Audiophile?" check it out.


I have a comment on there....some of the comments are really cool....some -- not so much ;^(

DTS announces 11.1 channel surround sound....blah, blah, blah....

On a much more important note.... In honor of one of the best holiday's of the year -- If you have to ask....

If you have not tried Guinness Foreign Extra yet....You are really missing out on something fantastic.

Official Analog Shop favorite in the world right now


Rollings Stones Titles now available via HDTracks... 24 bit 88.2 or 176.4 kHz available (higher resolution is more expensive).

If you missed out on the SACD's here is another chance...

Just listened to Big Hits (High Tide) and Through the Past Darkly @ 24 bit / 176.4 kHz -- wow this is really, really good.
Ask to hear it next visit. We have the SACD's of both titles and can do an A/B for you/ will be fun!

Limited titles right now. Sure hope the early 70's titles become available, [Sticky Fingers, Exile on Main Street, etc.]

[never have been in high rez on any format, except lp's]



We have a great selection of used gear available now.


(1) Rega p9 cherry finish in near new condition Sold


(1) Audio Research LS-3 black finish


(1) Mark Levinson 331 amp in like new condition SOLD


More....please email me if interested... -- This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




Make sure you scroll down....we have added a bunch of stuff as you do.





March is here....and the sun is shining [finally]


Well, Decibel player is out of beta form and now has to be purchased. I have downloaded it and I am using it to play Britten's Orchestra - 24 bit - 176.4 kHz on my MacBook Pro and Weiss DAC-202 WOW oh WOW -- killer sound....Plays flac, and everything else too!


The coolest thing about the player is it is only $33.00 and a virtual steal for Mac users indeed.


Here is the link to learn all about it and if you decide to, purchase the player.










Interesting article in The Wall Street Journal -- All Hail....Analog?

Make sure you back up your music files!



Today is George Harrison's Birthday...born in 1943...The coolest Beatle.




George circa 1970



Please check here for details of our next Computer Audio get together. There are several key people involved and when we can get all of them together here on a Friday or Saturday afternoon we will plan it.

Just got back from a wonderful trip to NYC for several days. We went to see our favorite band "The Church" at BB King's in Times Square. The Show was great and we had fantastic seats one table back from the stage there. We have a batch of great pictures and will put some up soon. Our first night we stayed in Mountclair, NJ with friends, nice town. Our friend's home has some cool music related history. Seems Joe Walsh of James Gang and Eagles fame grew up three doors down from them. The fellow who owned their home was a piano teacher and he gave lessons to Joe Walsh in that home when Joe was growing up.... We did a Sopranos tour that included several locations used in the series. I have a great picture of Tony Soprano's home to post here soon...More pics to come.


Victoria and I about to get a drink and refreshment before the big show.


If you ever find yourself with a bit of time to kill in NYC....check out Blind Tiger in the West Village on Bleeker Street


Best time to visit is afternoons...It is a true neighborhood bar with a fabulous assortment of truly special brews on tap, great food and a vibe money can't buy.




Picture taken with an Apple iphone of BB King's Marquee the night of the show in Times Square.


This is a fantastic venue to see live music. There is NOT a bad seat in the house. Service was very good. We did not

eat. Folks around us did and all said -- very good.



Steve Kilbey, Lead singer - The Church - February 2011



See we were in very good seats. That is Marty Willson-Piper on the right. He is a friend of ours...we helped him out with

some parts for his Linn LP-12 table. Marty is an avid record collector, great guitar player, and all round cool guy!


Steve Kilbey Foreground and Tim (TimEbandit) Powles on drums. He is responsible for my addiction to Zwack Unicom!


We will have a couple of VERY cool turntables set up here over the next couple weeks. One will be the Clearaudio Innovation Wood with the Graham Phantom II tonearm, Mounted up will be the awesome new Benz Ruby Z cartridge...several top notch phono stages too!







Well we had our first computer audio get together last Friday. We are planning on making this a regular thing in the coming months. We had no less than 5 computers on hand - including a very nice, fully modified to be completely silent, HP Pro i7 quad core desktop.

An assortment of snacks [french triple cream brie, Hartmann's Old World and Columbus brand salame. We had 4 different beer styles, Heron Hill wine and ice cold spring water to quench the thrist. Customers had a great time sharing ideas and information they have gathered in the pursuit of the ultimate in music enjoyment. We featured the Ayre QB-9 that day too.

Here is an image of the cooling device before install in the "Hot Rod" HP Pro on hand that day.

Those interested in attending our next computer audio get together [To be announced here] should contact us as we only can accept a limited number.

We are now using both Apple and Windows based computers to deliver high-end sound to our fabulous array of dacs. The Two programs we have found to work well are J. River Media with Windows and Decibel [formerly Ayrewave] from We like Decible because it sounds awesome and allows playback of flac files on a mac. There are several other programs that are well documented that are also very interesting [Foobar, Play, Amarra, etc.].

Please watch pages for some really cool updates on these subjects in the coming weeks...


One of Ye Ole Analog Shoppe favorites for years and years gets a big upgrade. Available in both low and high output's meow ;^)


For more than 35 years Dynavector have established an enviable reputation for producing affordable high quality moving coil cartridges.
Notably high output models that are designed to work with MM inputs negating the necessity for equipment change or the use of setup devices required
for low output cartridges. The outstanding performance of the Dynavector high output moving coil cartridges can be attributed to the exclusively Dynavector
designed coil winding machine capable of utilizing extremely fine coil wire providing a high output to mass ratio.


We are pleased to announce the addition of the LFD Zero MK IV LE to our product offering.
Richard Bews the owner/designer has refined this circuit for many, many years resulting in a most
fantastic integrated amplifier. If a no frills function wise, thrilling, digging out every disc, not sleeping, listening experience is what you just found it!

This amp gets reviewed in the latest issue of Sterephile just hitting the newstands/mailboxes now [issue Vol. 34 No. 1, January 2011] and the reviewer buys it....

Here is a link to the website....let us know if you have questions and would like to hear one.

Here is a link to a very cool review site where you can learn more about Dr. Richard Bews and what makes his products so


Almost 40 years ago to the day [November 27th, 1970] George Harrison's masterpiece "All Things Must Pass" has been re-released. The great news is the original mastertapes have been used and not the horrible remix of a few years ago. The album is available as a three record set and more importantly [I think] a 24bit 96khz download direct from the official George Harrison site.

I have the 24/96 files and have spent a bit of time listening. I can say it is a fantastic transfer. Parts of ATMP have always been very dense and hard to hear into. The new high resolution transfer really opens up and decompresses the sound. Suddenly string sections, horn sections, etc. are revealed in the mix.
There is a free wav. file sample of Wah Wah for download available (this is maybe the worst tune on the record).

...with my birthday just a few days away I can say I am very, very happy with this early gift from the archives. With the recent release of "Band on the Run" and now "All Things Must Pass" in high resolution download form, surely The Beatles catalog is to follow!

Here is the link-enjoy


The December 2010 issue of The Absolute Sound has a wonderful review of the Weiss DAC-202. Steven Stone did the review [he is one of the leading authorities on the subject of computer audio]. He loved the unit very much and I understand he ended up purchasing it for himself. This is always, in my book, the best recommendation any reviewer can offer. We will have another demo late this week or early next week to show off.

In keeping with my previous post below [10-30-10] -- Stereophile will be making the Dynaudio X12 speakers the Budget component of the year in the next awards issue. We were way ahead of the curve on that beauty having sold it since the day it was introduced. We have a pair in Rosewood for all to see and hear.

Lastly, Octave of Germany continues to garner fabulous reviews and show press. John Atkinson said the Dynaudio/Octave room had the best sound at the recent RMAF. The new Octave Phono stage gets a rave review in the latest December 2010 issue of The Absolute Sound. What makes the new Octave Phono Module so great? It is completely configurable for gain, input type (MC,MM), loading, XLR or RCA input and outputs and can be ordered with a line level input too. This makes it one really unique product that is DEAD quiet and sounds fabulous.....I urge all to pick up this the December issue of TAS to read it. The issue is full of great reviews and information about our hobby. Octave website is


Thought I would share with our customer base -- We happen to carry [since their introduction] all these models. You can't make this stuff up, only be smart enough to choose products wisely.

From Wayne Garcia -- TAS 209 review of the Rogue Audio Cronus Magnum [which we also carry]

While it continues to drag on in all but name only, our Great Recession has a good many of us either putting off new audio purchases altogether or setting our upgrade sights at significantly less lofty heights—say from the Big Dipper to the nearest vacant lot?

Kidding (only semi) aside, as components such as the Clearaudio Concept turntable, Peachtree’s Nova, and Magnepan’s MG 1.7 so sweetly demonstrate, today’s value-oriented options can—and do—deliver deeply satisfying musical pleasures at a combined price that might otherwise purchase, say, a single phono cartridge or pair of interconnect cables.

Might be a good reason our store continues to do well in 2010.


We are very excited about this new line called Octave we are carrying. This is an incredible brand from Germany.
Octave are not new as they have been in business 20 + years. They are new to the USA and we can thank the
brilliant folks at Dynaudio USA for importing and making me aware of them. We have the V40SE integrated available
for you to see, touch and listen to. This is one FANTASTIC product. Throw out all your preconceptions of tube
sound. These amps are extremely quiet...both mechanically and audibly. I can put my ear on the speaker and
hear nothing! As for mechanical noise....there is NONE. So many great features to talk about. I am so often
underwhelmed by products and this brand exceeds my expectations in every way. Call or email for further info!

Oh....I saved the best for last....the sound is to die for!

Here is a link to the Octave website --

Here is a link to a fabulous review --


Magnepan 1.7 speakers are back on display and sounding VERY good. We have been running them non-stop now for 5 days so they are getting broken in.


The cool. This guy is over 30 feet tall and appears out of nowhere. This was stage right during the Roger Waters
and company performance of The Wall in its entirety Friday Night the 8th of October...Photo via my cell phone.

Here I am third from right with my friends at the end of the Roger Waters "The Wall" concert in Buffalo, NY Friday, October 8th.
We had front row center tickets Scott had purchased for us. What a spectacular show! In the picture left to right are my friends
Scott, Rich, Me and Dominic. If you look carefully you can see what is left of the massive WALL in the far right of the image.

Here is a link to a very cool review on the Buffalo Rising website --


Just Released as a SHM-SA-CD [Super High Material-SACD] in Japan...Got my copy today and I must say the packaging is sumptuous!
This is the first high res issue of the classic Who's Next album. I am playing it right now on the Esoteric X-05, Aesthetix Calypso and Mark Levinson amp. The sound is very good NOT BRIGHT with better fine detail. More listening is of course needed - so far so good. I also got the first Dire Straits album and Steely Dan - Aja in the same SHM-SA-CD packages. Will have images and some detail on the sound soon.

Magico V2's are shipping to us next week. We cannot wait to get em set up and running here.


Well, well.....the Weiss DAC-202 arrived today. From the moment you unwrap it, view its beautiful box and open it up, it is impressive. I can say the install of the Weiss drivers and installation went very smoothly. I find the feature set to be the best yet on this planet. I hooked it up driving the latest Mark Levinson ML 532H amp directly via Transparent XLR cables. It sounds absolutely fabulous immediately. We are running a 3 meter 4pin to 6 pin 1394-3 Audioquest firewire cable from the computer to the firewire input on the weiss. It locks to every thing I throw at it without any problem.

We are stocking and selling The Ayre QB-9, Esoteric D-07, Berkeley Alpha, Weiss DAC-202 and the way cool Peachtree Products. If there is another store in the world doing this I am not aware of it. Computer audio is REALLY here.

The awesome Ayre QB-9 dac.


Wanted to talk a little about using a computer in conjunction with an audiophile grade, modern DAC. We continue to get very fine, bit transparent data using the HIFACE 192 kHz Digital Audio Interface. Here are a few images of laptop and DAC combos we are running.

This is the display from our Sony Windows 7 laptop, foorbar 2000 playing Neil Young - Archives Volume one Disc 8. These are from the blu-ray box set mastered at 24 bit 192 kHz.

Neil Young files playing at 24 bit resolution, as displayed by the awesome Berkley Alpha DAC- notice that these files are indeed also HDCD encoded. We are driving directly the Mark Levinson ML532H power amp. The preamp section in the Alpha is second to none.

Berkley showing that 192 Khz is indeed possible and works great!

Here we have a brand new HP Windows 7 computer with 17.4" display. We are again running Foobar 2000. Output is via HiFace/BNC to Audioquest Hawkeye BNC > RCA digital coax -- sweet. We are running the Esoteric SA-50 SACD/CD player that is also a high-end DAC/Preamp. The Esoteric features USB, S/PDIF and Toslink inputs. The Esoteric can handle files natively at 44.1, 48, 88.2, 96, 176.4 and 192kHz. The very cool thing is here you still have a reference SACD and CD player transport to boot!

Shows Esoteric DAC locked to Santana Supernatural 24bit 96Khz files. The Esoteric can drive power amps directly with a high-end built in preamp to control digital inputs and volume. This can be altered in the setup menu. Very nice combo!

Here is the wonderful Esoteric D-07 Dual-Mono 32 bit Digital preamp. Here we have a Windows 7 HP laptop running Foobar 2000 at up to 24 bit 192 kHz. Input to the DAC is via HiFace > S/PDIF Audioquest Hawkeye BNC digital cable. Audio is then driven directly to the power amp. Check out my hip HP 500 Gig pocket drive. It has Herbie's Audio feet on it and it has a type B USB connection, allowing use of a top tier USB cable by Transparent Audio.


We are very excited about the Magico line of speakers and customer interest is very high too.



Been away....we will be back soon.


Interesting article from NY Times about high end audio and lossy compression

Letter about compressed audio, etc. by Steve Wilson of Porcupine Tree


Hello out there....just a quick thought...We had a discussion here yesterday about the continued importance of high end compact disc players. One of the best analogies that came about was -- "I have a Kindel bookreader and it will never replace books or even magazines for me" They are just different things. We all love computer audio here; we are just not ready to say we don't need a great CD player in our lives, because we do. Having the physical media and artwork in your hand is relaxing and familiar too.

Here is one of the world's best examples -- The Esoteric X-05 SACD/CD player -- breathtaking build, looks and performance.


Please help us wecome Magico Loudspeakers --

Hello music lovers -- we are proud to announce a very important addition to our offerings in loudspeakers. In ~ 6 to 7 weeks we will receive our first pair of Magico loudspeakers. We have the V2 model ordered and can't wait to play them for you. Watch this space for further updates.
Combined with our state of the art tube and solid state electronics, world's best sources and cables, we can put together a system that will surpass all your expectations! Please visit the official Magico website for more details...


Above image taken in the back of our Store today.

Well spring has really sprung here in Upstate New York. It has been a wild couple of weeks for Victoria and I. We went to see our absolute favorite band The Church [from Australia] twice! The first show was in Cleveland at The Winchester on April 17th...great place to see a band. That is why we were in Cleveland for the Record Store day. Next we went to Sellersville, PA. for the April 24th show. The Sellersville theater is also an excellent venue with an old Victorian feel. It has an attached restaurant too that has a great bar to take a load off before and after. Highly recommended place to visit. It is located just north of Philadelphia and is a breeze to drive to. We got to visit with the band members both times and have some great pictures and memories of the trips.

This is me on the left with my buddy Steve Kilbey of The Church

Watch this space for a major new speaker line coming to our store soon...[and I do mean major].

Lastly, we are putting up some real nice used gear right now on our used/demo page.


Saturday the 17th was international record store day. My sources and first hand experience says record sales are booming. We were in Cleveland, OH. for a show and went to 2 record stores.

The most impressive one was Music Saves on Waterloo Road. We waited in line for 35 minutes just to get in the place. On hand was a fantastic selection of gorgeous new vinyl. Most people were buying records in all sizes -- CD's pretty much not that day.

Some pics from our Cleveland jaunt --

Me in front of the way excellent Great Lakes Brewing pub and restaurant -- Downtown next to the public market -- great food and drink!

The Church on stage at The Winchester, Lakewood section of Clev. OH. 04-17-10 taken with my new camera phone --

--feast your eyes on this record player --


Just in is the highly anticipated Magnepan 1.7 in deluxe finish black grill with black aluminum side panels --
Right off the bat we are getting really nice, accurate, articulate sound. See the Parasound Halo gear -- P3 preamp and A21 power amp.
This is the amp our friends at The Absolute Sound strongly recommend as "The Amp" to get the best out of Magnepan speakers.

Make an appointment to come and see/hear these beauties!


This image shows The Analog Shop Sony Vaio laptop with the M2Tech Hiface being used running foorbar 2000 --

HIFACE 192 kHz Digital Audio Interface

Very exciting new product we are now carrying is the M2TECH HiFace USB to Spdif digital adapter. This is the finest sounding and functioning item we have found at anywhere near its asking price. The HiFace works seamlessly once it's drivers are installed. The unit comes with a disc and you can very easily check for latest drivers on the manufactures website. The Hiface allows bit perfect output at 44.1, 48, 88.2, 176.4 and 192 kHz. We tested it with both the Berkeley Audio Design Alpha and the Esoteric D-07 dacs. This is monumental at the low asking price. does it sound?

It sounds great! I encounted no problems like drop outs or pops whatsoever. No more windows [or mac] SRC [sample rate converter] messing up my coveted, and growing fast, high resolution audio files. Don't get me wrong, Daniel Weiss has a more expensive unit -- the INT-202 which does this too via firewire interface. We will do a comparison soon. Bear in mind the price difference is large between the two so we expect a bit of difference. Bottom line is for the asking price the flood gates will open to a lot more people with the fantastic little Hiface.

Available now at The Analog Shop, Inc.

BNC output Hiface -- $180.00
RCA output Hiface -- $150.00

Here is a link to the Italian manufacturers website --

Shoot us an email or give a call if you need more info...exciting times in computer audio!!!


Hello music lovers....many cool things happening right now at our store. The Peachtree line is really hot. We have the Peachtree Nova on display to see and hear.
The idecco is the worlds first direct digital from ipod integrated amp. This allows you to use the fantastic internal dac inside the idecco for digital to analog conversion. This vastly improves the sound from your ipod. The idecco is the "I gotta have it" desktop unit right now. Such a steal at only $999.00. See this link for a superb review by Six Moons magazine -- Coupled with a good set of speakers like the Dynaudio Excite 12 or the Harbeth P3ESR you have the makings of a superb office system or smaller room system. Don't forget these units have killer headphone amps included -- we have the Audio Technica models to see and hear. With the headphones I promise you sound like a pair of $20K loudspeakers with $19,850.00 left for music purchases :^) or other gear.

Magnepan is planning to start shipping the new 1.7 speakers at the end of the month. This is highly anticipated to be sure. We have ours ordered in deluxe [$100.00 more] finish -- black cloth w/black aluminum. We now have a sample of the silver aluminum for you to see to compare when ordering.

Computer audio is booming. We have the Berkeley Alpha and the Esoteric D-07 dacs tied into a brand new, very cool Sony laptop. We are interfacing with the superb M2Tech Hiface or the Weiss INT-202 firewire. Come by to hear how awesome this can sound. Our Esoteric SA-50 and D-07 are now fully broken in and they are rocking right now.

The Clearaudio concept is on display now with the Clearaudio Aurum Alpha mk II wood. The build, fit and finish, and sound are all the best available in this price [~$1,760.00 with cartridge included]. VPI 16.5 record cleaners on display and in stock very shortly. We should have supplies like fluid too. VPI Classic turntable coming in soon. We will have it setup with a very good cartridge [TBD, ideas?] and the latest, greatest yet, Convergent Audio Technology Renaissance preamp.

We have just added Parasound to our Solid State electronics products. Very happy to be offering the Halo series. These are world class products with a great reputation for value. We think the A21 and A23 amps paired with the Magnepan speakers will be a big hit.

Lastly, Sonus Faber Cremona M speakers will be back on display in just a few days. The latest M is really something special. We chose the beautiful graphite finish...we will get them breaking in early next week.




Well......our high end audio business sure is exciting these days. I want to touch on the subject of high resolution audio. First off, we have been selling real high resolution audio since the day we opened in the form of top notch Vinyl LP playback gear. The Analog Shop has established itself as an extremely knowledgeable dealer that offers the best products available to help music lovers get the most from their existing or growing music collections.


We see two great ways to enjoy music now in the home that are impressive from any standpoint. One of the reasons our new website has been delayed so long has been my fascination with computer audio. Computer audio done right is really excellent sounding. I have been collecting lossless music on several [six now] external hard drives for about 3 years. In the last six months the flood gates have opened for higher than CD quality files. We had on display simultaneously the Ayre QB-9, the Berkeley Audio Alpha and the Weiss Minerva DAC at the end of 2009. Armed with a ton of superb music and top notch audio gear to feed these dacs output to I was like a kid with the keys to a candy shop.


Having amassed a huge collection of music in this lifetime has its problems as far as locating and listening to it. Since setting up our computer audio system in the shop we are assembling incredibly diverse play lists. Finally I can find and play almost anything I have and this is monumental.


Simultaneously we have been greeted by an avalanche of Analog products in all price ranges. The latest Rega turntables are absolutely the finest this firm has ever offered. Clearaudio continues to amaze us with their diverse offerings and product mix. The new Clearaudio Concept record player is cool as all get out. Clearaudio offer a mix of tables from just over $1000.00 up to $150.000.00! Linn Products has introduced several superb new updates to the classic LP-12 turntable. Ortofon phono cartridges are selling really well from 2M blue at only $199.00 to the world beating MC-A90 MC cartridge. Old favorites of ours Dynavector, Benz Micro, Lyra and Shelter all are pushing the envelope of value and sound quality.


The Speaker front has been much the same as other product ranges. We are now offering Harbeth Monitors from the design genius of Alan Shaw. We have displayed the Harbeth 40.1, the Harbeth Compact 7ES, the Harbeth HL5 Super and the world beating Harbeth P3-ESR. Sonus Faber replaced the Domus Series the New Sonus Faber Toy range. Sonus Faber also released the new Liuto range including the Liuto floorstander. We are pleased to see our buying decisions reinforced in The Absolute Sounds Best of Golden Ear awards this year. We have both the Sonus Faber Liuto and the Harbeth P3-ESR set up in our two downstairs listening rooms. Last years winner the Revel Ultima Salon 2 is set up in our reference room on the second floor!

Magnepan has been a hot seller this past year and with the announcement of the new Magnepan MG 1.7 panel speaker lovers everywhere should be [and are] rejoicing.


We have not even touched on disc players and electronics.....stay tuned.


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